Author: Janneke

Free apple picking.

Our local government has 500 fruit trees just for local people to enjoy. That is good news for a woman like me. Last week I went with Laurens and got two big bags. After half an hour of picking we got them both filled up with nice, juicy apples. When I drove back to our…

By Janneke October 19, 2013 0

A day's visit to Budapest.

(Although this happened a while ago now, I still want to share those two latest blogs.) The tiles in the underground in the old heart of Budapest are beautiful and authentic. It is not hard to imagine that they made the Narnia Goodbye scene at the London station. A lot of nicely shaped wood everywhere,…

By Janneke October 8, 2013 0

A cup of cold water

A couple of nights ago we came home and just before our house was a bus stuck. A woman laying in the grass.. the boy repairing the car and another woman.. We just said ” HI” and went inside.. Straight away the boy came to our house telling us something.. we replied with “Sorry, we…

By Janneke July 25, 2013 0