Discover Rest and Rhythm through writing your Rule of Life

How do you find rest in the hectic pace of life? It is possible. Writing can be a helpful tool. It can be the backbone of your life.

I’d love to share it with you during a Personal Online Retreat. But maybe you just like to practice contemplative writing. Or start (or continue) your journal.

Just where you are: at home around your very own table.

(In any case: feel free to connect with me.) I usually respond in a few days.

A Personal Online

Rule of Life Retreat.

A Personal Retreat is something for you if you think: “My, I am juggling through life! How do I survive!” If it is a life changing event or long term stress circumstances, the result is the feeling to be so overwhelmed.

During a Personal Retreat, we look at your life and the different responsibilities that you have to cover. The question we focus on during that day is: Where would you like to spend more time on. And how are you going to organize that. How do you have a healthy lifestyle, covering all different 7 domains, without a sense of stress. This Rule of Life is Holistic and Circulair.

“Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

A bleeding heart is of no use to anybody.”

Frederich Buechner