A prayer for our leaders.

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Just a few weeks ago, on June the sixth, we could see a gathering of worldleaders on the beach in France.
Obama, our own king Willem Alexander, the elderly queen of England, Angela Merkel from Germany, Putin from Russia, the new president of Ukrain. And many others. It really touched me to see them all in a moment on the screen, remembering D day and the Second World War.
Each one of them with their own story and circumstance. Queen Elisabeth, who has seen the war with her own eyes! Angela Merkel with the painful German history. What a difference she is making now a few decades later.
We could see Obama and sense the tension with Poetin who was in those weeks in the middle of making plans for the war with Ukrain. We were grateful for our local peace and Ukrain seemed far away.
A lot has changed just in a couple of days. With the aircrash last week in Ukrain and all the grief and despair  and the conversations  after that we realize even more how fragile peace is.
Just this week we heard again all their names, international phonecalls between our preminister and Obama, Putin, Merkel and others. And suddenly we realize that the world has changed again.
Please, pray with me:
Ëndow the king, and all the leaders with Your justice o God, that they may judge your people with righteousness, your afflicted ones with justice. ps.72


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