A Prayer Request

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One of the most fantastic privileges of Christianity is the ability to bring each other and their needs before the throne of God.

Today, I am especially asking you, if you pray, to take me along. I am going to hide for a week in the mountains of Austria to write a workbook about a Rule of Life and I can do with some uplifting prayer from all of you;-) Please, pray also for Jelle and Femke and Laurens who are staying at home. I will meet our other girls (Marijke and Judith) in Austria and we will travel home together next week.

In 2018 I started actively living with my Rule of Life and have been shaping it since than, a few times a year.

I wrote a whole lot about a Rule of Life in the past few years. (Why would you live with a Rule of Life?; What is it?; For who is it?; How can I benefit from it?). What’s the literature on which it is based?

I wrote it mostly in Dutch, you can google translate it. (Jannekeonderweg.nl) But all in good time I will come up with a proper translation in English. If you search on my Dutch website for the word: Levensregel you’ll get 34 suggestions. I shared about this topic at retreats, online, off-line, and now is the time to put one and other clearly in a workbook so you can benefit from it, if you like.

That’s why I am hiding in the mountains of Austria, and that’s why I need your prayer. A book is just way better if God is the Co-author. And that is my desire. Thank you very much for walking alongside!

Our daughter Judith gave this as a birthday present to Jelle at some point.
Because he absorbed books by the bucketload;-)

If you like to peek into our family custom: Read: The Chosen One


  1. Dear Janneke, I hope you receive the inspiration you need to write the right words. So that you can inspire others with your thoughts and advice.
    May the Lord bless you and your time in Austria.

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