Beauty in authenticity

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I really LOVE being on the road, downsize our belongings and everything you find important in a few bags and GO!
Unpack in a tiny clean, basic apartment and start playing doll house again.. now for real!
I love to make a kind of routine, get up in the morning, have some time alone, (if possible…) make some breakfast, do some work with the children, get out, do some shopping, relax, make coffee and don’t like it, because it definitely tastes different than the usual Douwe Egberts.
I love the pace we have. Not too rush, but with a routine. Jelle is working in the morning, he got an office here. The heat here is hard for us, so we have to slow down much more than we are used too, but the heat is over now, and it is much cooler.
Femke counted so far: 35 tunnels on our journey through the Alps, you can imagine how beautiful that was. We haven’t seen a car from the Netherlands for the last week and 500 km. It is not a place for tourists. But I feel very privileged to get into the core of the culture. Deep in the Roma village. Getting frustrated in not understanding the conversations.. (that frustration will be a good motivation for languagelearning!)
We went through tiny Croatian villages, with lovely houses, all build in the same kind of way, at one side no windows at all, that is the back side of the house, a front, with a porch, chicken, a goat, and a veranda, green, grass, the garden. It looks so raw and real.
We see a lot of tiles with a brown and white structure.
Tiles with flowers in structure.. funny, that I have a long tradition of choosing these kind of material when I wanted to make something. Seems to be close to my heart.. flowers in a bit of a structure..
I didn’t make pictures, I didn’t dare to disturb the serenity. And I am glad that I didn’t.
It is not just beautiful these streets, it really is, because of its authenticity.

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