May God be merciful

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This Wednesday I travel to speak in Toronto for different groups about God at work among the Roma in Europe. And I am very much looking forward to meet with everyone who we closed in our hearts and with those who closed us in their hearts. What an awesome connection!
At the bottom of this trip is psalm 67. And I have to share this with you in this way:

May God be merciful and bless us, bestow His grace on everyone.
And cause His face to shine upon us, light up our lives bright as the sun.
Then we will know of Your salvation, the world will see Your faithfulness.
Your mighty hand will guide the nations,
Your judge in truth and righteousness.
God looks down upon us, He will richly bless us.
May the people thank You, all the nations praise You.
Sing forever more, shout and praise the Lord.
The earth will overflow with goodness,
and yield the riches of the land.
Let all the people shout with gladness,
for God has blessed us with His hand.
God looks down upon us……….
It is moving me so deeply.. when we where in Canada for the second year, (2012) On one Sunday, the Psalmproject group came to Toronto, Miranda, Eelco, Arjan, Luca and a few others, just straight from the airport, whoosh into our church at Willowdale CRC and this is what they sang… among many other psalms of course:
Now, three years later, I am going back to Toronto. God is the same and His desire for the nations did not change. It is amazing to see this psalm in the light of God at work among the Roma.

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