My garden in June (Photo’s by Judith)

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If you see these garden images, you might think that gardening is all nice and lovely.
Don’t think that there is no setback: louse in the apple tree, the Colorado potato beetle that eats the potatoes. The mice feast on the strawberry crop and simply enter from below. They might find the net a nice ceiling decoration. The drought means that we already have to give a lot of water to prevent things from drying out.

But it is still a wonderful gift, that little plot. And there are no rabbits this year. Thanks to the good fence that Jelle made at the beginning of the season.

After gardening in the evening, I stay offline. We have a nice evening rhythm. Laurens usually swims until closing time, we have dinner in time, Jelle is doing the dishes while I go to the garden mostly an hour every day. It is a wonderful end to the day under the open sky. The skies always look different. But

I had to learn to leave work for a while and to consciously look at the open sky, busy bee that I am.

My Garden Journal

The sun is setting at night and gets up in the morning. God’s faithfulness is new every day.

Enjoy the photos!

Here is the blog from 6 weeks ago. Isn’t it encouraging how that black earth turns into a haven of fruit?

What do you do for relaxation? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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