"Oh, These were the best three days in my life"

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Last Saturday we went down to Osijek in Croatia. It was hot, but a beautiful journey of a bit more than two hours drive. On Sunday we visited the church and were glad that somebody translated God’s Word to us. I feel very privileged to be able to see so many different parts of Christ Body on earth. It was beautiful to watch this congregation being together in worship and listening to God’s Word. It was a long time for the girls though not understanding anything!
In the afternoon we went to a little Roma church in Darda. A couple of months ago they have started a little church there. It moves me deeply to hear the Word of God, in the story of Abraham, preached by a Roma pastor. It is just a couple of months that he is preaching.
The UNA Bible club was from Sunday till Wednesday and started each day with the welcome song:
Part of the song is just inviting the kids to come and another part is:
“and when our God is for us, who can stand against us”  So true!
It was a lovely walk through the village, we waved and welcomed the kids..
Some houses are very neat and well kept. Other houses are different.
Roma children attending the Bibleclub in Darda
In the little groups they made the Red Sea with a path in between.. Femke was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t understand a single word. But Julianna translated bits and pieces for her. And Femke was aware that the story was not new to her, but that it was new to all the kids! What a discovery!
Talking about the story and letting it sink a bit deeper.
In the meanwhile Laurens got distracted because of this -for us- more unusual sight.
Fun with games! The sight was so unusually colourful.
This picture got actually to much light. But because of that,  I LOVE IT!
The Light of the World has mercy and shines with his Sun over them. What a unique hope!
” He will endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon,
through all generations.” Ps. 72
Those kids at the left, holding on to each other. The Roma girl on the left is called Danielle.  Marijke and she got friends. It was really funny to see that happen, because they didn’t have a language in common, but that is no reason for not communicating! They made up games, asked questions and had a lot of fun, which was an important experience.
At the end we heard that one of the girls satisfied said: “Oh, these were the best three days of my life!”
So good that this is repeating each month. God’s Word will have his way.


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