The Chosen One

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Ouch, was what I thought when I hit the ground with a sudden thump after they removed me from my roots. Strong hands dragged me into a car and took me to a cold, gray parking lot, where I saw many of my friends.
Only a few nights passed before a car stopped in front of us. A few people stepped out of the car.  They were going to chose one of us, like they had done to some of my other friends. However, they looked at us as if we were important, more than just trees cut off by the roots… I felt proud, I stood straight and firm. At this moment I wished that I had not only ears, but also a voice. Even a soft one would be enough. Then I could whisper: “See me, chose me!¨ 
They saw all of us, chatted a bit, but it took them less than five minutes to see us all and chose one of us to be theirs. 
Being chosen by them, what would that mean?
Soon I would find out because I saw that they had come to an agreement to buy me. The woman gave the man some pieces of paper. Do these papers have any value I wondered?
The strong man got me, wrapped me all up and put me in their car. It all happened before I realized what was going on. We drove a little bit, and I felt anxious and sad. I had to leave all my dear friends there in the cold. I would have cried if I could but I couldn’t.
“I really like this one, it is so nice and full and chubby “. I heard one of the girls saying. Another added: “In England we hardly had room so we had a small one in a pot. In Canada we also had just a small one. Remember the cookies we baked to hang in the tree? 
Yes,”said the one behind the steering wheel. “That is what I like the most about setting up the tree. The tree is full of memories, and each year, we add a few more.” 
I felt confused when the car made another corner, but soon I realized it was the last one. We stopped in front of a house. A tall man opened the door, a small boy standing next to him. Everyone was so excited about me! They started to unwrap me, it felt like an enormous hug, and the dad, who was as tall as my whole length, put me in place on a stand in the best corner of the room. They made all kind of compliments about me, but my confused feelings did not go away.
A box was opened and lots of tiny treasures came hanging on my branches: hearts, a tiny sheep, a little star. It felt like the robe of a king.
“Oh, this one is a cookie from Canada. Oh, this one is handmade by Gerie, This loveheart is a gift from Elseline, this one is from the Christmas market in Pecs and this one, Femke made when she was six.” Each little ornament had a story.
Finally I felt that they were ready to finish everything. On top, the girls places something what was pointing upwards like the tower from an ancient church. It was like a crown.
It did not take long before I felt as if I was everything I was supposed to be. I felt reborn, for I was pointing upwards, celebrating life, sharing memories and resembling the joy of a newborn King.
The Huisman family wishes you a very merry Christmas!
Do you have any special Christmas customs to share? When did you add a new one?
This year, we added a new custom. It was our last year, getting a tree without roots. We will not do this again. We will get one with a pot and let it grow in our garden. Thank you, Helen Rose, for the inspiration.

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