A challenge: refugees in Europe (2)

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We often get the question “what is the news about the refugee situation?” As far as Croatia is concerned, nowadays “only” 1500-2000 refugees are coming through the country -each single day- not 7000 or 8000 like a few months ago. The situation is not as crazy and urgent as the first few weeks, but still, changing by the day and very intense. (See also the previous post about the refugee situation.) We talked several times with volunteers who work with the refugees. The numbers are still dazzling: 25.000 each month and 150.000 every six months. And that is just the situation here in Croatia. (This map gives an overview of the whole region: RefugeeMap.com)
I want to share a few articles with you:

A community of Roma in Croatia finds that sometimes missionary work comes to you. This article is about a couple who work in the Roma church in Darda. Our friend Melody wrote a nice blog about what has happened in little Darda Church in the last few weeks. We are honoured to work with these folks and enjoy getting to know each other better and learning a lot about their situation.

Another article with a challenging perspective on the refugee situation”. One quote: “A mastermind is coordinating the movement of large numbers of non-Christian people into the West as part of a larger plan to transform Europe and North America.”
Finally, one moving testimony of a former refugee:  Why Christmas is different this year – a story about the grace of God. “Sometimes you have an encounter that brings you face to face with Jesus. With his desire to heal us right where we hurt the most and bring us new life. As we approach Christmas – that time of astonishing new hope – I’d like to share this one with you.”
Blessings in this weeks when we are reminded of a young travelling family who also sought refuge, a long time ago, when someone wanted to kill baby Jesus.They got and found refuge. And so do we now in Him, our Lord and Saviour. We wish you a blessed Christmas week, full of love and joy, peace and time with loved ones, where ever you are.
Janneke and Jelle, Marijke, Judith, Femke and Laurens


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