A Dazzling Day

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We are halfway through a journey across Europe and planning to attend the International Teams Conference in Swabish Gmund. We picked up Judith at her camp in Severin na Kupi, stayed a few days at a camp side in Slovenia, and travelled on to the Netherlands for a funeral and a few other things; here are some highlights:
We stayed in the Netherlands just 26 hours, and it was quite an emotional time. If you know me well, you will understand why I was deeply moved by each of the moments.
05.00 left Germany, Bretten
11.00 funeral of Uncle Jan; thankful for his life and singing songs and psalms in my mother tongue
14.00 lunch with Jelle’s dad and sister
19.00 tea with my sisters and parents. Seeing my sister’s baby.
Afbeelding van Janneke Huisman

21.00 playing the recorder with dad. We love the Bach chorales.


Next day:
07.00 Breakfast alone with Jelles dad. Precious moments.
08.00 Receive the news that a friend had passed away.
10.00 We stopped by to see her and kiss her. So often have I worried how it would go, and now God provided our being in the Netherlands, just at the right time.
These few hours showed us again that we can make plans but also need to be open for what comes on our path. It was one of the most precious moments to be with our friends who lost their loved ones and to kiss and greet them in this short time was only God’s providence. He showed us again that He has the whole world under his control.
Full of this knowledge, we drove back to Germany, ready for the second part of our journey.
You might hear more as we visit Bretten, Heidelberg an Maulbron one of these days.


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