Dream in your Dreamhouse, and then: Get To Work!

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Today, I give you an insight into the garden in February:

The plot of land is still a sad affair in these dark and dreary day’s.

I need a lot of time to dream and to get an idea of how I am going to transform this barren black mess into a lush garden. This garden shed is my perfect dreaming spot. It is rather cold. But that keeps the brain awake 😉

This is also where I dry seeds and store the harvest. Last year’s beans have also been kept here. Last week, my friend Jacob helped me lay these nice tiles. It gives me great satisfaction to make as much use as possible of materials that I don’t buy at full price in the store.

The bed is from Ebay, and the prayer chair comes from a thrift store, but I can’t remember which one. It has been in our house for about ten years. Or did we find it at the antique market in Osijek? I can’t remember.

In the parched earth
  and the dark time
  hope is the only thing
  that remains.

Organizing and making plans means not running into action yet. Stay still, ponder and plan. That is also a theme in my workbook about a Rule of Life. It is an attitude that I also use in the garden. 

Does that attitude resonate with you? Are you running into action? Are you a dreamer? Or are you somewhere in between? I am naturally quick to take action, but I have learned to take three steps back. Pfft. That is hard work, and I’m not always good at it.

God’s promises are in the air. I am looking forward to working with the Creator. This seems like a good sign, doesn’t it? 

One day, I spoke to the farmer who owns this piece of land, and he said, “Take the whole garden.” At first I only had taken half of the plot, which would be enough for our family that is getting smaller now the girls are moving out. Plus, 120 square meters is a lot of work!

But I said: Yes! 

There are two ways to approach this: Work in the garden about five days a week, as some men do further down the row. Or border the garden and protect it from becoming wild and full of weeds. Given my other obligations and tasks, I choose the second option. I will do this by building squares and paths.

The time for dreaming is over. Now, I am making concrete plans. My sister Marleen came by. She has use of a small piece of land on the estate at Scherpenzeel castle, where she works as a volunteer. She helped me to design my dream garden. Now all I have to do is implement it. What do you think about the plan?

I can’t do it alone. 

A friend from the eco-village here is going to help me make beds with wooden planks. At the center of my plot of land will be a place for a table and a few chairs. A gathering place should be at the center 😉

Boudewijn (who is also pastor here of the International Fellowship Church), is my neighbor who gardens next to me. He is willing to sow a few meters of potatoes and help with tilling the soil. Someone else wants a piece of herb garden. I’ve wanted that for a long time too. There is also room for a flower garden. Well, then it will be full again in no time!

Dreams slowly become reality, and we work together in a relaxed way.

A thoroughly barren place (and yet not barren)

I have now done some pre-sowing work in the greenhouse. Isn’t it unbelievable that anything good can come from these wrinkled beans? These beans are from last year. I’ve put a few aside. Personally, I like these even more than seeds from a bag from the store, but I have to supplement them with store-bought.

Sow generously…O joy! Those containers come from a store, but you can also use egg cartons. Add some compost, pray and let go.

Hey, where have I seen this pattern of nurturing, praying and letting go before?

Protect against mice, because they will come dance on the table as soon as the cat is away.

Here my second Garden blog for the year 2024. Oh, that barren land, will that truly change into a lush garden? What do you think?

The leeks are coming up!

Do you remember? Last month I was hoping to show you the beginnings of the leeks slowly emerging. Here they are – still very fragile, but the blades are there. Every month of this year, I hope to give you an insight into the changing land that I have ambitiously named: The Garden of Abundance.

Just wait.

  There will also be setbacks.

  That’s part of the package you say “yes” to when you start a garden like this.

  Hold on!

Next time, I’ll tell you how I got that name.

#dare to ask:

What I still need for the Garden of Abundance:

  • A place where I can find wood chips (tips welcome)

If I’m going to make squares (not quite decided yet) I will need:

  • 48 planks of 2 meters 
  • 32 planks of 1 meter. I prefer to do this from impregnated residual wood, without it becoming a mixed bag.
  • More cardboard from the bicycle repair shop.
  • Tips, ideas and suggestions – all welcome!

P.S. I gave myself a nice little greenhouse (from the Hema) as an early birthday present.

See you soon!

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