The garden unveiled

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The name of the garden will be revealed on April 1st at 3 p.m.

In the past three weeks, the garden has undergone a true metamorphosis.

This was the garden op the 24th of February ’24

The plan has metamorphosed from idea to reality. (I had to check that word in the dictionary;-)

Jacob (a friend from the Ecovillage who helped me) and I looked like wood chips at the end. Eight carloads went to the garden. Delicious: Just found along the road and picked up with permission. It’s always useful to just keep your eyes open.

There is plenty of abundance in the world. Unfortunately, things often go wrong with the distribution.

#hunger #capitalism

In the evening, I give my back some rest and refine the garden plan. Now I have a four-year plan with crop rotation. You can reduce or enlarge it to the size of your garden. It’s nice to immediately put what you have learned into practice.

Jacob made a beautiful branch hedge, which we can supplement with stray branches to our heart’s content. Hopefully many animals will feel at home with this fence.

This looks quite black, but it is wonderful compost from garden waste. Now spread it over the beds and think about your back.

Jelle and Judith worked on the letters of the nameplate. The unveiling is on April 1, the second day of the Resurrection at 3 p.m. (Easter Monday).

The first potatoes have gone into the ground. It may be a bit early, but oh well. They turned out well last year. We hope against hope.

Jelle’s father has a great love for books from the past. He found a booklet from 1818 with this image of the garden. Each bed here also has a special name. Who knows, we might even give our beds names if we can’t sleep. Feel free to come up with ideas. Eight names are needed.

The garden from 1818 is very similar to Marleen’s garden design.

Douwe’s pear tree is in the center. It’s nice to work from a center. The tree trunks are now also located here. Did you know that the garden is open every Thursday afternoon for a cup of fresh herbal tea (from the garden)? You are welcome between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m..

Finally, an extra gateway, which reminds me of Thomas Ken’s poem.

This would not have been possible without Jacob’s help. He drilled, built, repaired and designed. His dog Rafet has started to feel at home on this piece of land.

If you look carefully, you’ll see a scarf over the letters. Next week, on Resurection Day, we will reveal the true name of the garden. Just wait.

Next time (in April) I will give you more insight into the multi-year garden plan. Who knows, maybe you can do something with it.

#everyonecancook is a one-liner from Ratatouille. I would like to say: #Everyoneisagardener.

(We may just not know it yet)

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