What is a good start of your day?

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Most days, it’s probably the same game over and over again. Your alarm bell rings and you get up. And what’s next? What makes a good start to your day? What does that look like for you?

In a 7-week (Online Free) course, I’ll take you along step by step through HOLD ON: A playful Rule of Life. A Rule of Life helps to make the hectic pace of everyday life mangeable by implementing elements of a monastic lifestyle.

In this course, you will discover how much peace and rest that gives.

Today we reflect on the letter H (Holy ground). How do you make Sacred Ground the foundation of your day? You don’t need to have a habit yet—but do you have a corner in your house or bedroom that you can see as Sacred Ground? It can be as simple as your bedside rug with an image on the wall that helps you.

What is a good start to the day for you? (week, month, year) How do you start from rest? What is your morning ritual? I’m not filling in the blanks for you. The rule of life is a framework. I ask the question, and you can answer it and adapt it to your character, circumstances and desires.

Create or use your own favorite corner. It can be a chair and table—or just a chair. Is the lighting good? Is it full of clutter and distractions? Create peace to be in harmony with your Creator.

A prayer to live life one day at a time.

Dear God,

From where I am now, it is impossible to see the future.

I don’t know the direction of my life.

I can invent my Rule of Life, but I believe that You are the Author of my life. I acknowledge You as my King, Lord and Master.

I know that You have dominion over my life. I know and recognize that Your Word is a light on my path and that You invite me to take one step at a time, so that I don’t have to look far ahead but may trust You in everything. My confidence is in You.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Reading tip: First rule of life; The Ten Commandments, Exodus 20, The Bible

Looking ahead to the next 7 weeks. Every week, we cover one letter:
HOLD ON. (in a nutshell)

H for Holy Ground: A good start, a solid foundation (this week).

O for Organizing: Standing still and not moving yet.

L for Let’s get started! No more delay, and get moving now.

D for Dear ones around you: The beating heart for others.

O for Oh!—my body! Pay attention to your body: nutrition, exercise, rest and sexuality.

N for Nurture your soul and sensitivity: What activity makes you really happy? Feed your sensitive soul.

. for The art of wrapping up in a good way and calling it finished.

Four suggestions for you:

  • Use an old fashioned alarm clock if you need one. It worked for years, remember?
  • Put your phone in the living room at night or in a drawer in your kitchen.
  • You can install the “Night Time” app on your phone. It offers a gentle reminder that the day is over. I use it from 9pm til 9am the next day. You can still use your phone, but that little black and white screen reminds you: You’re free! You’re off! Enjoy!
  • About prayer: If it is difficult, just use the Perfect Prayer that the Lord taught us. Know that you pray with the worldwide church. Many monks and nuns the world over have already started the day when you wake. You pray together. What a lovely thought, isn’t it?

Oh! I’d like to know more!

There are two options:

  1. Just order the workbook about a Rule of Life Here
  2. Consider a Personal Online Extended Retreat. (weekly; one-to-one Zoom for a period of 7 weeks). Contact me here, and we can talk about the possibilities that would work the best for you in your circumstances. I love to make it work. And the price? That also depends on your income. (150,- students / 350 for a moderate income, 450 for a good income).

Till next Friday! (feel free to message me with feedback on this.It is pretty exciting for me to launch it, so I’d love to know what you think!)


P.s. Like it? Why not share it with a friend or church community? Let’s help each other to live a full life before our Lord.

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