Period. The art of wrapping up

Today, we put an end to the 7 week mini course HOLD ON., a holistic rule of life to make the hectic pace of everyday life manageable by implementing elements from monasticism.

I won’t keep you long. In a word, this last lesson is about evaluation. Examine. Look back. Are you satisfied? What could be done differently or better another time? What am I doing, why am I in this world? And so you shape and refine your rule of life and start again next time.

How to charge your battery

No, not your phone’s. I think that is clear. This is about recharging the battery of your very soul.
Mini Introduction Course HOLD ON., Part 5 (of 7)

This is already the sixth and nearly last time that you are receiving an email in your inbox about the playful, holistic Rule of Life. 

These seven weeks, I’m taking you step by step in a mini introduction course HOLD ON., a holistic Rule of Life. This rule makes the hectic pace of everyday life manageable using elements from monasticism. I hope that you are enjoying it so far!

Why am I in the World?

Wow! This isn’t really a light-hearted question? It’s more a question that you sometimes think about all your life: Why am I in the world? What am I actually doing here? Where am I from, where am I going? What makes me unique?

This is the third Friday you will receive an email in your box regarding the Playful Rule of Life Introduction course.

How to live a Holistic life in 2023 #Ruleoflife

At the beginning of the year, I promised you to send you a quarterly email to take you along with the Rule of Life. It’s nearly the end of the first three months of the year, the end of March. Did I write at the beginning of the year: “not sure if you had them—a few good intentions for 2023.” By now you probably even do not remember your good intentions! No worries! Research shows that behavioral change is not easy.

A Prayer Request

I am hiding in the mountains of Austria to write a workbook about a Rule of Life, and that’s why I need your prayer. A book is just way better if God is the Co-author. So, that is my desire. Please take me along in your prayers. Thank you very much!

Week 4 Wooden shoes from the Holy man and: My Rule of Life: HOLD ON. Let’s get Organized!

Hello you all! I hope that you had a nice week. Here in the Netherlands, we celebrated Saint Nicholas, a yearly celebration of generosity. We give each other presents and present them in creative ways…