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Charles gave our girls their first journals. It was years ago now. He was not easily satisfied. I was in Toronto for a long weekend, and he wanted to give them as a gift to our girls. And he wanted the best the Willowdale area of Toronto had to offer. So, we went to one store after another. Finally, he bought what he found to be a good fit for every one of our girls.

They loved and embraced these journals. They became their little treasures. And the girls started writing, just as they had seen me writing over the years.

I am thankful for the present Charles gave us. He showed us that it is good to not just choose the cheapest option. Rather, we can choose carefully something you can treasure and open your heart to.


 Whether you are staying home or traveling around this summer, why not try to write and play with words?

  • Buy a nice journal that makes you happy when you hold it in your hand. (Beauty is a necessity. I am pondering about this topic and look forward to writing about it when time is ripe for it.) It does not have to be expensive, but don’t buy the cheapest rubbish. Your soul is worth more than rubbish.
  • Make a ritual this summer of writing daily, for example, just after breakfast. Get some tea or coffee, find a nice spot, and make room.
  • Read. Pray. Sing. Drink. Write.
  • Make room in your heart to open up and breathe on a deeper level than the business of daily life allows.
  • Think about, for example, the last 6 months. Write down a few highlights. Or, just write whatever you like. Everything is fine. 

Earlier, I wrote 7 Benefits of Keeping A Journal. See if you agree with me;-)

DSC_1445 Thanks to Judith for the photos.

7 benefits for keeping a journal (+1 bonus)


Do you write?

If not, what is holding you back?

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