The Covered Garden

Maybe you are also hiding under a blanket during these dark winter days too; my garden is no different. Every month of this year, I want to show you the changes. Even though it seems like nothing is happening now, the rotting and clearing process continues. Rest well little living elements!

Why am I in the World?

Wow! This isn’t really a light-hearted question? It’s more a question that you sometimes think about all your life: Why am I in the world? What am I actually doing here? Where am I from, where am I going? What makes me unique?

This is the third Friday you will receive an email in your box regarding the Playful Rule of Life Introduction course.

A Prayer Request

I am hiding in the mountains of Austria to write a workbook about a Rule of Life, and that’s why I need your prayer. A book is just way better if God is the Co-author. So, that is my desire. Please take me along in your prayers. Thank you very much!