Online Retreats, a reflection

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Be still and know that I am God. (That is an invitation).

I will be exalted among the nations.

I will be exalted in the earth. (That is a statement)

ps. 46: 10

A reflection:

14 January, February 11, March 11, April 8th. Mayv 6th, June 2nd. We had such precious Online Retreats so far. (also 4 Dutch Online Retreats, due to the pandemic, but that is another story).

“Online” and “Retreat” seem to be at opposite ends of a spectrum. and yet, the online retreats are so lovely.

One of the participants wrote to me the next day:

Thank you so much for the online retreats! Those are the only zoom meetings I really savor! It’s so nice to have a special hour with God and to have a mix of doing it alone and together. I feel really blessed.”

Each time around 10 people, coming from all different countries (Serbia, Atalanta, Austria, Ethiopia amongst others) join in and it are sitting in the comfort of their own home and yet in the togetherness of this online community.

We just create time and space, open the Word, read a bit of Scripture four times in different translations, in the original Lectio Divina way, and linger on it during our private contemplative writing. You can also do other creative writing for which I do some suggestions.

Sharing is good, but no pressure. I love the balance between personal and closeness. Some of the participants are friends with whom I am in email contact for over years. Others I did not even know their names a half hour before we started. Sometimes we also look into some art. Each of us is facing a different situation, 10 people, 1o stories, 10 lives, 10 urgent needs or desires, if we’d lingered on all of them personally we could not have focussed on the Word as we did now. And so the Lord spoke to all of us in different ways. Just where we were.

All in all a wonderful experience.

The world around my table

It is precious to see how “the world around my table” is slowly living up to its name and continues to be a place for those who like to sit around it. What a privilege!

Thank you for your trust, may God bless you now and always.



  1. Both online retreats were great for me. It makes me carve out the time for fellowship and for meditation. I am so thankful for this creative way to connect and to be challenged spiritually. Thanks Janneke and Jelle!

  2. I appreciate being able to join a group of unknown fellow christians meditating on the same bible text. I find your guidelines helpful Janneke on how to think about the text and especially writing about what God is saying to us.
    Sharing our thoughts afterwards is also an inspiring part of the retreat. I saw the painting afterwards but that is also helpful for the evening. Thanks Janneke and Jelle.

  3. Hi Janneke and Jelle,
    It was so great to see you again and enjoy some refreshing time together this month. I would never have done it myself if you didn’t set a time to meet together. Thanks for having us all over to visit.

  4. It s so good to see you here, Lisa. I know the weekend retreats in Hungary were quite different. But well… What can we do. At least we enjoy this precious time. x-x-x

  5. Hey Joan, It feels great, I would not say that 14 years have passed since we met at Horsley’s Green. Good to have you at the retreat as well. See you next time!

  6. Thank you so much for the online retreats! Those are the only zoom meetings I really savor! It´s so nice to have a special hour to write with God in the evening (normally I only do that in the mornings) and to do that alone but also together. I feel really blessed!

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