Till daddy comes back….

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Dear all,
Last time that Jelle travelled, we forgot to tell our youngest boy Laurens about Jelle going away for a few days. We have to say that we are getting used a bit to this lifestyle, but it was another proof that we are not the perfect parents! The little poor boy was scared and confused and after a couple of days Laurens said in a pretty cross voice: Daddy may not go away! He has to stay with us!
How nice when our children are training us parents what to do or how to behave!
This time, Marijke spontaneously made a really nice count down calendar until daddy comes back for Laurens and tonight he crossed the second of the fourteen little squares. It is nice to see him crossing the day, going to bed and laying down peacefully and full of trust, till daddy comes back.
Jelle just travelled to Budapest to meet with the people from the Roma Bible Society. Later on this weekend he’ll travels on to Osijek in Croatia to teach Hermeneutics at the Biblecollege in Osijek for the next two weeks. We girls and Laurens are staying here.
Let’s pray that Jelle and his students will have a wonderful time, exploring the way they can explain the Bible and practise in doing it. That they may get to know God in a deeper way and that this will be a very good experience for everybody. It is Jelle’s first official teaching experience and for those who are teaching….. You know that this can be a bit scary!
I also would love to ask for prayer for us. Although I quickly want to say that I want to give thanks to God. It is so beautiful to see how much easier things are, now the girls are bigger and get an understanding about what is going on. Where Jelle is, what he is doing and where we are heading as a family.
That count down till daddy comes back calendar made me think. In England and in Canada we got to use the count down till Christmas calendar, to mark the weeks of advent. That was a new and beautiful custom to us.
We can’t count down to the second coming of our Lord and Father because we don’t know when it will be.
But our little boy is just showing me how I may be full of trust and I can also peacefully lay down my head. Knowing that one day our God and Father, whom I dare to call Daddy comes back.


  1. This is a beautiful post. Thanks for telling the story, and for drawing the connection to waiting for our Father in heaven to return for us… may I trust each day, like your Laurens. x

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