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The wedding of Sasha and Ellie. What a party! What preparations! What a feast! What excitement! Every detail was in place.

Sasha is the son of our friends Biljana and Đeno Nikolić. They played a major role in the decision for us to come and live here in Osijek. A few years ago, Sasha went to study in Split, and it did not take long before he came back with a beautiful young girl: Ellie.

In the church, did Sasha not stop smiling or looking into Ellie’s eyes.
The church was decorated for Christmas and their wedding. They promised to stick together in health and sickness, in good times and bad, for richer or for poorer, until death does them part.

Greg Thellman led the service in a beautiful way, and Nina translated every word. The sisters and the groomsmen stood in front. Loved ones surrounded this loving couple.

Laurens with his friend Kiki during the service.

The food, the cake, the words from family, and the dancing were beautiful—Mom holding her son Sasha, Dad holding his daughter Ellie, and the gentle and energetic dance of Sasha and Ellie! What a party!

We went home, happy and blessed. Life can be filled with goodness, this day is one of them!

The full moon was shining over us all as a reminder in the sky:

“He will endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon,

through all generations.”

ps. 72: 5


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