What to do when you face loneliness?

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It is Christmas break.

The snow is slowly falling down, and I should be happy. I see people on the street visiting their loved ones. People visiting others. They all seem to belong somewhere.

My dad is turning 70 years old this very day, and although I am very thankful for that, I realize that there is only one place in the world where I would like to be right now: with my parents.

But, life does not always work like that.

I went a few weeks ago and I am going in a few weeks time.

So, here I am. What can I do with myself? Stay grumpy and ruining these—what could be very special—days, of the year for my family o: make the most of it while we are here.

I decided to choose the latter, although I had to pull myself together.

I am doing five things that I find beneficial:

1. Calling somebody who is alone during these days. After all, I am not the only one feeling this way during the holidays, and I have a whole house full! What am I even talking about?

2. I made sure to get enough rest. This really influences my mood; what about yours?
3. I make sure to get enough daylight. So, I walk a bit more than usual these days, one or two hours.
4. I visit a church and remind myself that we are all part of Christ’s body. Even if we’re in a corner, there are many angels surrounding us and many other believers.

5. Be gentle with myself.

What do you do when you face loneliness?

I wish you a special Christmas break.


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