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We might have moved to the Netherlands, but I just would love to give you a little snapshot about our life. Many things will change, but Jelle will continue in the coming year to teach and visit Osijek every two months. I take you along.

What did you actually do in Osijek?

The main focus in the first two years was more in the Roma village, but the last three years our task changed more into leadership and general support and encouragement of the team. Jelle became member of the board. Most of our work became more and more personal and that is sometimes harder to put into picture. (It would be not such a good idea if we made pictures of all the personal meetings we had and share it on the World Wide Web. ) We encouraged the team to more independence to enable the local workers: Roma, Serbian and Croatian, to take their own responsibility to their projects. This is a very satisfying task.  Theological education in the Balkans will be Jelle’s main task, as it was in the past. And this will be the main reason for his travels in the coming year.

Thank you very much for your walking with us, please enjoy these pictures (clik below.)

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