Bor, day 1: Safely arrived

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4 people, 1 car, 1 border, 480 km, 7 hours in the car, 62 Bibles
Safely arrived!
We saw the landscape changing; just after the white city of Belgrade, it is turning into more hills. A bit later, we see tiny farmlands: just a few goats or sheep and shepherds, a few square meters of land for vegetables and fruit.  
When we arrived, we got a very warm welcome by the rest of the team for the week, ten lovely people, a few of them new. What an honor to work together! During this project we work together with people from Operation Mobilisation.
The food was fantastic, but the hotel is interesting: No curtains and leaking or completely non-working taps. There is a wet bathroom floor, and when Laurens sat on the chair, it broke again. The bed shelf fell off when somebody started to lay down. But, the atmosphere is good, so who cares?
How do you know that you are not a Balkan boy? When we drove in Bor, five dogs attacked our car. Jelle could not go any further without hitting the dogs. So, he stopped. But, the dogs stayed and took over the authority…and Jelle just waited and waited. When we told the story to the others after our arrival, they told us how to deal with it: Just GO!
What will we face tomorrow?


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