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Some recommend post, always on the lookout
Here are some blog’s and an article I recently read and really enjoyed:
Melody writes:

Blessing is a primary theme in mission—but it is not

about the stronger blessing the weaker.

It is about experiencing the presence of God

and offering that as a blessing to others

with one hand

even as your other hand is outstretched

to receive blessing from someone else.

The next post I read was from a man who wrote:.I was fifteen once  (at Trotter41) I was amazed by this time capsule story and the strength of our long life wishes. It all turned out, as he wished. But he also saw sadness as you will see. Maybe you get an idea and want to make your own time capsule for your wish within twenty years. Who knows what God is working out.
The next post are both about working together with different people, different backgrounds and personalities and lifestyles.

  •  Dear Single Missionary (at A Life Overseas) Not for missionaries only though. I think for every single something worth to read. Hope you love it.

And last but not least….

  •  An interesting article recommended by Jelle.


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  1. Dank je, Thamar…. pfff.. we zetten echt onze eerste stapjes en dan is het oppassen geblazen voor struikelen.. Goed, realistisch, informatief en vlot geschreven blog, met veel verschillende schrijvers.. Een open deur naar meer!

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