Good Bye 2022! 5 most read posts

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31 december 2022

Since years I am writing a public year review in the last week of the year. In 2017 and 2018 I wrote about our work among the Roma.  In 2019; over our move back to the Netherlands, in 2020; my first book was published and in 2021 my parents had their 50th anniversary (with lots of photo’s) and we opened our workspace in Wageningen.

It looks probably like: Wow! impressive. What you do not always read is the fear, the doubts that we all face in our daily life. It is good to know that we are not without that.

This time I give you the most read blogs from 2022:

This is part of the workbook about a Rule of Life that I am working on.
About the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.
Who am I, to give retreats?
Most read blog of the year 2022!
A bit about us.

In my next From My Table Email, I will tell a bit more about our family life. Our girls prefer that I do not use this blog for that, so I listen to that.

I also will write – soon and very soon- about my workbook about a Rule of Life and my precious time in the mountains, where I hid to write.

My second edition of the book “The world around my table” is coming in januari. We did not make it to get it published by Christmas. Such is life sometimes, I decided not to get frustrated about that.

It’s always good to hear from you. Many newsletters, Christmas greetings and wishes for 2023 came to us. Thank you all, very much.

Have a good end of the year, and many blessings for 2023!

Whatever you are facing, May The Lord Be With You.

Jelle and Janneke Huisman and children.

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