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This month, I am hosting different days of silence in the Netherlands. I feel very honoured to be able to host a day in which I combine silence and writing. When I sent out the invitations last October, somebody from Scotland (thank you, Roelien!) responded and sent this article. I found it so insightful that I am happy to share it:

On Silence and Stillness

Although they are often used interchangeably, the terms “silence” and “stillness” are not synonymous. Silence implies, in part, an absence of ambient noise together with an inner state or attitude that enables us to focus, to “center” on the presence of God, and to hear His “still, small voice.” Silence fosters stillness; it is indispensable for stillness. Inner stillness, however, goes beyond silence insofar as its aim is to purify the heart and issue in pure prayer. That purification involves the body in its entirety because body and soul, like mind and heart, are ultimately inseparable. In the words of St. Mark the Ascetic, “The intellect cannot be still unless the body is still also, and the wall between them cannot be demolished without stillness and prayer.”

Read the rest of the article:

On Writing

One of the ways the guests at the retreat will experience silence is through some writing exercises. Sheridan Voycey wrote earlier this week, “According to the experts, writing in a journal can help you reduce stress, increase creativity, solve problems, and manage conflict. I’ve also found it to be an incredibly helpful tool for making sense of our personal histories.” Read more here. This ties in with what I wrote earlier: 7 benefits for keeping a journal (+1 bonus)

With this, it will be silent on my blog for a bit. I leave my own kitchen table to sit at another. Please pray for a good time and also for the family at home!

Thank you!

My Still Life Favourite Pottery:

Teacups from Poland,

Sugarbowl from Germany,

Oven dish from Serbia,

Blue teapot from the Netherlands

and the white coffeepot is from England.


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