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A hidden life in a time of crisis

“One day we know what it’s for, there will be no more riddles; we’ll know why we live.” Franziska Jagerstratter Obviously, the pandemic is taking up quite a bit of our attention. Unfortunately, it could make us silently overlook nearly 75 years of liberation since World War II.  The film A Hidden Life was released…

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Our friend Jantien, recently became a mother after nine years of waiting! She wrote a lovely text in which she played with words and perspectives. I asked her if she wanted to be a guest blogger. And she agreed! Quite a change to have such a little one to take care of. Is n’t he…

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A walk to the well

          15 juni 2019- My friend and language teacher Laura invited me to celebrate her birthday in their Vikendica in Bistrinci. A small second home, where local people often spend their weekends. The literal translation is Little Weekend. It is localized on the outskirts of town. 30 kilometers away from Osijek.…

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