A rule of life or: How to find rhythm in a hectic world.

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That Christmas vacation flew by. I slumbered through the bangs of fireworks celebrating old and new, and when we got up the next morning, we lived in a new year—a year that I am not yet ready for. I rub my eyes and feel that I am living somewhere in September of the year 2019. But as I write this, the date is January 11, 2020.

Whether you can relate or not, this is my experience. So, it’s about time to sit down for a bit—create space, breathe and write down a few lines to organize my thoughts. For the third time, I create a plan at the start of a new year—not as a rigid guide for how I should live but as hope, as a wish, as something to hold on to. I come back to it a few times during the year. Now, I am making a new one again. To my surprise, most of the hopes went according to the plan that I wrote down in January 2019. (I had to postpone a few retreats, but well, what can I say…) It is a good reason to do it again now. It looks like I am implicitly going in a direction because I have been plotting a line beforehand.


Are you wondering, “What kind of plan is that, a Rule of Life, and how do you make it?”

On a very basic piece of paper, you draw up an outline for your life. You create it in the awareness that God is the Creator of your life, and He is unfolding it—but not without your responsibility. You play with Him. You are inspired through Him and create your plan with Him. 

I am currently sticking to the simplest form. I fill in four sheets.

  1. My ideal day
  2. My ideal week
  3. My goals for this year (Keep it simple!)
  4. Rhythm in five different domains

I have published My Rule of Life before, and while I was wondering if it would be worth translating, it turned out to be one of the most well-read blog posts for a long time! Apparently, this is what appeals to you, dear readers.

I have shared my plan at the coffee table with various friends. I wondered out loud whether it is something for the waste basket or for publicity. I find it a bit exciting—that I am giving away something of myself that I have created in peace and quiet to get a little order in my personal life. By sharing this, I show a part of myself. But is not all writing like that? Nevertheless, it is pretty scary!

But I remember the famous words of Kierkegaard on the wall of the farmhouse in Hungary:

To dare is to lose your balance for a while. Not daring is ultimately losing yourself.


I entreat your favour with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your pormise,

When I think on my ways, I turn my feet to your testimonies.  ps. 119: 58, 59


What do you hope for in the coming year?

What is your motto for life?

Do you have a Bible verse that particularly appeals to you?


Template: download your own free  My Rule of Life model here.






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