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Natasha fights for peace

Natasha points to some words on the street: “Now is the time to make your dreams come true!” I walk with her along the Drava River in Osijek. “Look! We put this kind of phrases here to give depressed young people a little courage. There is so much despair! The aftermath of the Yugoslavian war…

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How a beggar became a pastors wife

How a beggar became a pastor’s wife It was Summer 2013, and our family visited the little church in Darda for the first time. We met the Nicolić family: Đeno, Biljana, and their four children. Đeno led the service, and Julianna, our translator, whispered: “This is remarkable. He is here just for a few months…

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The religious map of Croatia

In the heart of the square of Osijek is an angular bronze statue. A big, heavy man points to the ground while he gazes with a stern look to the horizon. This country, this land, is Croatia. Only God and the Croats themselves make out what is happening here! These are the words on the…

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