The Beauty of 2023 in 5 blogs

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The Netherlands, December 3o

30 december 2023

When you look back on a year like this, everything that passed by is probably not at all filled with beauty. Maybe not in your personal life and certainly not on a global scale. I can relate. Yet I chose to look back with gratitude on the good that was. How does that look like for you?

This year too, I have chosen to make a selection from the 5 blogs that stood out in the past year, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, settle into your easy chair and read along, if you like.

I am sorry that not everything is translated here. At the moment we do have a full house with 9 people. I feel very blessed. But you have to do with the Dutch translation!

Hiding in a monastery and writing.
An interview in the daily newspaper about my writing.
This is the room high up in the mountains, where my workbook is born.
With Kosy around the kitchentable.
Making music and meeting up with many dear friends!

The biggest thing of 2023 for me was the publishing and presentation of the workbook How do I find rest? (You can still order it, if you like to live attentively in 2024)

Since years I am writing a public year review in the last week of the year. In 2017 and 2018 I wrote about our work among the Roma.  In 2019; over our move back to the Netherlands, in 2020; my first book was published and in 2021 my parents had their 50th anniversary (with lots of photo’s) and we opened our workspace in Wageningen.

Jelle and I wish you a wonderful and peaceful end of the year,

kind regards also from our young adult girls and Laurens. (12)

Here you can see (if you are interested, what kind of activities I am doing here in the Netherlands:

P.s. I am very happy to host a retreat here in the Spring. Let me know if you like to join. We need at least 5 people to let it happen. Send me an email if you have questions about it.

Kind regards, Janneke

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