My garden in June

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May was already a wet month. June was no different!

As we enjoyed tea with my father-in-law, he said, “Your garden teaches you what to do.” That’s how it is. If it is too full, something has to go, if there is too little, something can be sown or covered over.

There are often unwanted little plants, which I also remove. And it is also a joy to learn how to garden. Because I don’t feel like I can do it yet, but your garden is teaching you more and more.

The garden is teaching me how to respond. It helps me to practise listening with attentivenes.

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Here some photo’s:

The tomatoes are growing day by day, I have now tied them up and I keep removing the young branches that take energy from the plant. That’s called thieving. Because those young twigs are thieves of energy, which you want to let go to the tomato.

We share the berries with the pigeons.

I let one of all the leeks go to seed.

June is the month for elderflower syrup. It didn’t happen last year, so now I insisted on making it. I made about eight liters. Here is the recipe. Although you may have to wait until next year.

Making jam also remains my favorite. And so a little winter stock is slowly coming back into the kitchen:

If a bed is empty, something will be added. And so we keep listening to what the garden asks of me.

The broccoli stands contentedly next to the marigolds that I sow here and there.

And so you can regularly eat a meal from the garden. What a feast of abundance!

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