Dutch art (photoblog)

Dutch art (photoblog)

August 3, 2020 0 By Janneke
It is an art in itself to let beauty speak in as few words as possible.

Here is an impression of a mother and daughter’s day. It was about time: Femke (15) paid a visit to Amsterdam for the first time of her life and it was years ago for Judith(16) and Marijke. (18) Not only that: before you leave the nest, you should at least have visited the National Museum. Since Marijke is leaving us in September, we just booked a spot, and off we went. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the peace in the city of Amsterdam. The crowdedness of Amsterdam was one of the reasons we had been avoiding going there. But this unusual time of adjustments also has its advantages. No tourists this time.

We have made a choice from the range of everything there is to see and this blog is just an impression of this. Obviously pictures of what stood out for me and you may recognize that 😉




Our tour guide of the day: Marijke


2 times 3 sisters


Two blue vases/ symmetry





Tiles with flowers


Department: Christian art in the Low Lands/ Netherlands/ Holland


Judith with icon



Play with Holy Child


Hospitality and Broken Bread around the table


Let’s share the cup, and break the bread


Love and adoration


Beauty, dark and light

Department: Landscapes


Landscape of the low countries: windmill, wild clouds, wind and water, plains and cows.


Windmill, twice


De molen bij Wijk bij Duurstede


Ede, our next village, now grown out to a village with 111.575 inhabitants

Department: In and around the house.

Balcony along the water with terra cotta pots


Plain, daily life


Timeless, playing children


Dutch tiles with animals, for next to the fireplace


Two flying birds;-)


One or another Dutch princess. Holding an Orange apple, as a symbol of the House of Orange. The armchair has a lion. Dutch football still has the orange color and the lion. But this princess looks a bit more calm than an energetic football match.




It was splendid 

So on your screen is quite a different experience, then wandering quietly through the quiet National Museum. We were tired and satisfied after seeing so much fine art! It made me think about how good it is for a person. It is not just any cultural outing. I try to capture what happens in words, but quiet enjoyment seems to fit better.

In september and oktober I am hosting a few Silent Retreats again. This day helped as inspiration by the preparations. Good to have some incubation time;-)

Warm greetings from Amsterdam, (finally!)