The 100 day Journey (+filmclip)

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Excuse me;-) this is my first film clip;-)

In the coming 100 days, at least three things will change in our household:

  1. We will reduce our living space from 196 metres to 16 square metres for the move through Europe.
  2. We will travel through more countries than we can count on two hands.
  3. We will switch languages, schools, countries, and food, plus a few other details.

As I was cleaning the kitchen sink this morning, I realized that this all is going to happen between these last few days of May and the first week of September.

I decided to make it a project. It is easy to get so caught up in the business of the move. But, it is also a time of transition in which beautiful stuff comes to the surface. So, we better recognize that and live attentively.

Our table and pots and pans will move from the South East of Europe back to the North- West of Europe.

Do you want to follow us on our journey?

Please, join this online community. Let’s be email friends! I would love to stay in touch, and this is my way of organizing it. Sign up, if you do not get a weekly blog in your email box. If you get that already that means, you ŕe on the list.

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Happy reading, and welcome to the online table!

I will start a 100-day project to remind myself to see the beauty in the midst of the restlessness of life. This is how that looks like:

  • Instagram: Catch some beauty 100 days in a row and live attentively.
  • Blog: Once a week I try to write a blog article, but this routine might get disturbed somewhat due to our move.
  • From My Table email: Once a month I offer a personal note with a book and film recommendation.
  • Facebook: Whenever a good article comes along that feed my soul, I am happy to share it.

A prayer from Ignatius from Loyola:

Teach us, Lord, 

To serve You, as you deserve,

to give, without counting the costs.

to go into battle, without counting the wounds.

to toil, without finding rest,

to work, without asking for a reward.

Let the fact that we do what we do Your will, 

be a reward.

So, for me, this is quite a challenging time, but I wonder what are you struggling with the most right now? Just hit reply and let me know. (I promise I’ll read your response).

Sign up here if you like.

Welcome to the online table!

Warm greetings, Janneke

A photoimpression from the first fifty days, click HERE.


  1. My friend,

    Praying for you and the family during the next several weeks. God has a plan and his plan is always something great.


  2. Hi Janneke,

    I enjoyed your letter and the reminder to look for you in all we do.

    Yesterday I began an email to you and Jelle to affirm your decision to go back to the Netherlands with the family at this time so that you will be all together. I realize that it is often hard to leave friends and ministry, but your family needs to come first. You will never regret that decision. The Lord will bless you and your family and open up other doors of service there for this season of life. Leaving PNG was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but we knew it was the right thing to do and that has been confirmed to us over the years.

    Love to all,


  3. Dear Libby, So nice that you share this. We are at peace, but that does not mean that leaving is double and Goodbye, as always painful. But we are very grateful for the years we had here. So good to hear from you! Warm greetings to Paul.

  4. Hello dear Janneke! How was the drive? I hope you are all able to enjoy these summer weeks as you begin the adjustment to this next chapter. Please greet the girls and Laurens for us, and Jelle, too, of course. -Jennifer

  5. Dear Jennifer, Thank you! We arrived safely in a nice house, where we can stay for the coming few weeks. This is a great help, as it gives us time to find a permanent home. Yes, this -rocky road- Summer reminds us of 2012 when we came back from Toronto and also stayed with your family in Nurlu for two weeks. Happy memories! I will pass on greetings to everyone! Please do the same for your family!

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