A poem about belonging

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One sister here wrote to the other a rondeau/ rondel

A Rondel/rondeau is an eight-line song that was widely used and sung in the Middle Ages.  Another example of a rondeau is In Flanders Fields

I’m sharing this poem here with permission, but I am not allowed to mention who of the sisters wrote it. So you have to grope in the dark three times over in that regard. I share it because it has something very general in it, what can speak to all of us, as it did already to me.

Where I belong
Somewhere far away from here
Where something is the same, stays the same
Where I belong
Another country, another language
What stays the same?
Where I belong?
Somewhere far away from here, somewhere far away from here.
Where I belong,
Somewhere outside,
On the riverbank of Drava or Rhine
Where I belong
The open field, the still waters,
The murmur of the wind in the willows,
Where I belong
Somewhere outside, somewhere outside
Where I belong
Heaven and earth
The clock strikes seven. Morning Prayer
Where I belong
Morning light falls on the narrow road, over the still waters, past the willows
Heaven touches earth
Where I belong?
Heaven and earth, Heaven on earth. 
If you read this, what speaks the most to you?
Feel free to share it with a friend who understands the necessity of belonging.
Warm greetings, Janneke


  1. What speaks to me most is that the poem is beautiful. And then last week on the daily service on the radio the minister talked about “where do we belong, where can we belong. Where do we feel safe and accepted.” The Lord. He is our true habitation. Our earthly home changes but our spiritual home is the Lord himself. And He gives us each other.

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