Week 4 Wooden shoes from the Holy man and: My Rule of Life: HOLD ON. Let’s get Organized!

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Hello you all!

I hope that you had a nice week.

Here in the Netherlands, we celebrated Saint Nicholas, a yearly celebration of generosity. We give each other presents and present them in creative ways with poems. Our family seems to have a hard time deciding whether we celebrate Sint Nicholas (in the Dutch way) or wait for Marijke to be home next week and celebrate Christmas (The international way) with lots of gifts under the tree. So we just do both;-) And this is what I got from the Holy Man: nice Wooden Shoes.

Don’t you like the high heels and the cute pattern?


Well, this week the theme for Our Rule of Life is: Organize! (week 4)

Just a little peek back at what we had so far:

Week 1 HOLD ON. A Rule of Life: For Each week a Letter, and One for Every day.

Week 2 HOLD ON. A Rule of Life, What, Why, and How

Week 3 H = Holy Ground. A good start. (Sunday)

Week 4: O = Organize your time and give each day of the week a goal. (Monday)

Week 5: L= Let’s do it. No Procrastination./ Tuesday

Week 6: D.= Dear Ones Around You. Spent time with them./ Wednesday

Week 7: O.= Oh! My Body. Food & Sport./ Thursday

Week 8: N.= Nurture Your Soul. Do Your Thing and Let Your Soul Sing./ Friday

Week 9: Period. Dot. The End. Closure. The Art to Stop./Saturday

To Organize Something, must be in our genes. Here you see one of our kids Hug the Teddy Plan. For each day a teddy. You have to share your hugs with all of them at last. So funny…


H. Holy Ground, a good start./Sunday

A prayer to live life, One day At the Time.

Dear Lord, From where I am standing now, it’s hard to see the future.

It s impossible to know where this is leading. I can craft My Rule of Life, but I know deep down that You are the author of My Life.

I acknowledge You as my King and know that you have dominion over me. 

I know that Your Word is a Lamp for my feet and a Light upon my path.

And that You invite me to take One Step At the Time.

So, I do not have to look One day further ahead.

But Trust You.

Dear Lord, grant me That Trust.



O. Organize/ Monday

Just sit down, take some time and see the rest of the blog and just sit and think about what you see and how this could work for you. Just Think about: What’s your focus? What & When?

L. Let’s do it./ Tuesday

You are invited to Create Your Very Own Rule of Life. But filling this in is more for next week. This week is just: think about it. So, continue;-) Feel free to contact me.

Take some time to Download these Four Sheets

Do not see this as a rigid way to live, but live lightly as the falling leaves. Try it out and see what comes to the surface as Your Own Rule of Life is unfolding in your mind.

Remember it’s an Archetype, like C.S. Lewis Ideal day.



7 Questions for you to answer: Feel free to get a journal, a pen, and write down or just sit down and think about:

  1. H. What is for you a Holy way to start your day/ week/ and month/ year?
  2. O. How do you get organized?
  3. L. What is sometimes in the way, to just Do It?
  4. D. Is there Somebody, with whom you would like to have more contact? Who is it?
  5. O. What is for you a good body weight? What is One Little Step towards that?
  6. N. What Makes Your Soul Sing?
  7. .  How do you wrap up the day? What is your Evening Rite?

Feel free to respond to me. I usually come back to you within a few days.


D: Dear Ones Around You. Or: connection with others./ Wednesday

It is not that I live with these sheets under my pillow. But I come back to them once in a while. This week I spent some time with my mom to do Pear Canning. Oh, what a joy to have quality time and work together.

O: Oh, my body!/ Thursday

Now I’m somewhere in my forties and for a few years I’ve started to notice that: I have to fitness, I notice it in my body, my teeth and my weight. Now on weekdays after dinner, I brush my teeth and don’t eat anything until the next morning. I notice that it is better for my teeth and weight. A small adjustment and pretty nice. This is the day that I think about the menu for the week and a good shoppinglist.

N: Nurture Your Soul:/Friday

Think about what kind of fun thing you can do to Nurture your Soul. We did a Home Made Hair Cut on a Boring Winter Night and this is the result: Laurens did some editing of the photo.


. Dot, Period. The Art of Stopping.

This is it.

You might want to make a brain dump list, what you would like to do soon, but can’t do today. In this way, you make your Rule of Life circular. Next time, you start again with your Rule Of Life and do not have to start all over, because your list of where you left last time is there already. Put everything away, in a box, a drawer, a wardrobe. Whatever you do: Hide it and Unplug for a few days and celebrate life!

You stop.

This is Day 22- 29 of the 100 words a day project. I started around 30 days ago with the 100words for 100 day’s challenge with posting on Social Media. I give you a little peek at My Personal Rule of Life. However, After day 15 I realized that it took way too much time on Social Media what gives friction with the meaning of a Rule of Life: to live attentively and offline for longer periods of time. So, I changed from social media to weekly posts of more or less 700 words. This blog is part of a series: My Rule of Life.

To be continued!



Here, in the Netherlands, I am hosting a Workshop about How to make My Rule of Life. I am wondering if in our World Around This Table Community is some interest in this as well.

How Many of You, dear readers are interested in an Online Workshop about a Rule of Life? 

So; 1 Question for you:

If I host a Workshop about A Rule of Life, would you attend such an evening? If yes,

Reply straight away with: Yes, I would love it, if you do so!

Next week, I’ll tell you the outcome! Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!